The inspiration of Nature and blatant act of Capitalism

لەلایەن ستاندار Posted on 299 جار بینراوە

Salman Kochary

Salman kochary

Once the time I lay down under the shadow of black Oak and Mulberry while I went to the world of thinking deeply, I did slump with sound of Spring’s rivulet.

When I went deep with the attractive of nature, the colorful flower, the difference perfume of trees breathes, the flutter of partridge with their passionate voice that echo towards the high lands I got that its nature has the only mother can milk  the soul. It is the monopolize of capitalist, the pools of oil, the smoke of huge industries, the ugly smell of weapon made us to be far away from the virginity of nature, what a big disaster we did create with skyscrapers buildings, I guess in the last days of each spring heavens cry for the tyrannize of fossil fuels of the blatant act of humankind as we see the flood of blood that done by the lord of Capitalist on the virtuous lands of middle east….

Today,  Almost  everyone living in the urbanized centers of the crowd places that we called city as a world feels intuitively a lack of spiritual inner life, this is due to the artificial environment from which nature has been excluded to the huge possible extent, we all have lost the sense of spiritual significant of being with nature as a miracle of Allah, the domain of nature and far from loving it has become devoid of meaning so the void created by disappearance of this vital aspect of human existence going on to live within the souls of men and to manifest itself from violently and desperately… back to nature to mountains…

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